Kearns community launches campaign to prevent underage drinking

May 8, 2017


KEARNS – Community leaders in Kearns are taking proactive steps to prevent underage drinking.

A deli inside Harmons grocery store in Kearns isn’t the most likely place to hold a news conference, but it served as a backdrop for an important message – underage drinking is a growing problem in Kearns and can no longer be ignored.

“Kearns has far as risk factors is above the state average. A lot of those issues stem from poor family management,” said Josh Nelson, Evidence2Success.

Evidence2Success is made up of residents, community leaders, schools and advocacy groups.

They’ve conducted research that shows:

34% of Kearns kids took a drink of alcohol before the age of 17
26% don’t believe drinking alcohol daily is a risk
70% of kids aren’t talking with their parents about the dangers of underage drinking.

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