Local agencies work to keep kids alcohol free

August 17, 2017

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – What can parents do to prevent underage drinking? According to Parents Empowered: bonding, boundaries, monitoring and family dinners are key.

Several partners in both the private and public sector in Washington County joined Thursday in St. George to show their support of parents empowered, the state underage drinking prevention initiative.

Their purpose is to urge and empower parents to have open communication with their children about the various struggles and issues associated with underage drinking and set clear family rules about alcohol with the goal of having all of Washington County’s children alcohol free.

Many speakers stressed the importance of parent involvement stating that something as simple as having family dinner can cut the likelihood a youth will engage in substance use by 33 percent and decrease suicide by 50 percent.

The take away from Thursday’s kick-off event, the power of positive parent involvement in their children’s lives.

“Parents can have the most impact with their kids through bonding, boundaries and monitoring all of these things. They have the greatest impact because they are the parents they can control what their kids are doing and really make sure that they are living a healthy life,” said Brianna Bloxham, president of the Washington County Youth Coalition.

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