Chit Chat — let’s start a conversation

We get it. You’re spending a lot more time indoors with your kids these days. Even with that extra time, it can be hard to bond with your kids and get to know them better. That’s why we made Chit Chat. To play, you’ll use two decks with two types of cards—questions parents can ask kids and questions kids can ask parents. Take turns, alternating between the two decks. Through playing, you’ll soon learn more about your child’s interests, thought and feelings, and maybe even their attitude towards underage drinking. And they will learn about you too, because it’s designed to spark conversation. Chit Chat cards are more than just fun, they’re a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your kids. When you’re close with your kids, they’re less likely to drink underage. Ready to play? Have a Chit Chat today.

Parents’ Questions to Ask Kids

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Kids’ Questions to Ask Parents

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